Email Marketing is the most effective and highly cost-effective way to generate new leads and engage with your existing customers. Email Marketing may seem simple from the outset but it can just as easily damage your brand value if not done properly. Site Galleria provides 12 highly effective tips on email marketing to not only improve your customer engagement but boost your brand recognition and generate valuable leads through email marketing. he good news is that, as with other fields, you don’t need to become an expert before dipping your toes into the water. To help you in your endeavour, we’ve put together a list of suitable tools of the trade, and a primer of the most critical metrics you should track. However, before we get into the technical aspects, let’s take a moment to talk about why you should pay attention to this stuff.

1. Personalize emails – one of the most often ignored tips on email marketing

One size rarely fits all. The same can be held true for email marketing campaigns. Human beings are a diverse bunch with varied tastes and habits, no two human beings are the same. Why then should the same email appeal to everyone? Statistics indicate that personalised emails have an increase in clickthrough rate (CTR) of 14% and conversions increased by 10%. Personalisation works! But it is not possible to create a unique personal email for each of our customers unless you apply advanced machine techniques. You can, however, segregate your mailing list according to some similarities in the user behaviour and create a different email to send to each of the customer groups.

2. Automate emails according to user behaviours (Triggered emails)

Currently, email automation software allows us to send emails according to some actions performed by users in their client’s website, app or service. This is a very useful feature which is rarely utilised by most of the marketers. Triggered emails have a very high clickthrough and conversion rates. This is due to the emails providing highly relevant content and users are usually expecting it. The most common type of user action triggered emails are subscriber emails and onboarding emails. But there are so many clever uses of triggered emails, such as thank you emails and action specific advice emails, which adds value to the customers and hence boost their engagement with the brand.

3. Short emails are better

When customers open an email, they are not looking to read through a long passage of text. Sending a long-form email usually leads to a low engagement rate even if the clickthrough rate is high. Users prefer short and brief emails, and if you do want to promote long-form content through emails, you can provide a link which will direct users to the respective blog post or website. Emails are to be viewed as a gateway to your content rather than a means to spread your content. The content should be short and ‘to the point’ to increase the engagement rate and conversions of the email.

4. Prioritize mobile-friendly Emails

While many people are aware of the benefits and necessities of implementing a mobile-friendly website, many rarely do so for their email marketing campaigns. It is no surprise that canonical tags in SEO it is considered to be one of the most ignored email marketing tips. The fact remains the same for both the mediums, as the majority of the users use their mobile devices to consume their online content. And the marketers who ignore this fact are going to have a very poor engagement and click-through rates. Mobile optimised emails provides a means to deliver highly dynamic and engaging content. There are many benefits of optimising the emails for mobile devices, as mobile users are usually much more engaged than their desktop counterparts and have an unusually high click-through rate. This is due to the fact that emails through mobiles provide the push notification facilities which instantly alerts its users.

5. Time emails perfectly – Among the email marketing tips you must never forget

Even if you have a large number of users in your mailing list, they are most likely to follow a pattern of opening their emails at a certain time of the day. Scheduling emails to be sent during this time usually leads to a high click-through rate and engagement rates. This is probably because during this time people are checking out their work emails or are looking for some distraction. A series of studies have shown that users are most likely to open their inboxes on Tuesday, Thursday and Wednesday and the in hours of 6 am, 10 am, 2 pm and 8 pm. This pattern has formed because people generally form a habit of opening their emails at certain times, and it is highly advisable to schedule your emails during this period if you are regularly sending emails or newsletters.

6. Send emails more frequently

If you have a large email list of your clients, it is a no-brainer that you have to frequently send them emails regularly. By frequently sending emails to your clients or prospective customers, you inculcate brand recognition and band recollection in them. Recipients get familiar with the brand name and the value which it entails, which has often lead to a high clickthrough rate, or otherwise, depending on what kind of emails you send or perceived to send. This builds trust and credibility over time as they become used to your emails and can rely on your company for your services in the long run. You are constantly engaging with your clients and providing them with valuable content or discounts which inculcates a tribe mentality wanting them to come to you for more. But sending your customers with too many emails may irritate them prompting them to press the unsubscribe button. Though there is no mantra for sending a fixed amount of emails, as different people prefer different frequencies, moderating ourselves to a certain number may be beneficial to all the parties. This one among the other email marketing tips is very important to follow if you want to have a succesful marketing campaign.

7. Write attractive subject lInes

The subject line of the email is the significant factor for the click-through rate, that is whether the recipient is going to open the email or not. Getting the subject line correct is imperative to a successful email marketing strategy. There is no magic formula or bullet for getting a highly catchy subject line, but following a certain rules does have a major positive effect on the clickthrough rates. Using a short and catchy subject line, avoiding the “no-reply” sender name, telling them what’s inside the email, using a concise and action-oriented subject line, making the readers important and special, usage of numbers are some of the tricks that have profoundly impacted the clickthrough rates positively. Even though obvious at first, this, among the other tips on email marketing is also the most ignored.

8. Test emails often with the help of A/B testing

In truth, no one fully knows and understand their users and readers, the trick to creating a successful email marketing campaign and providing the readers with what they want lies in constantly testing with the various elements of the email. This is known as A/B testing, where the mailing list is divided into two separate groups, with both of the groups being sent two very similar emails with minor differences of certain elements. The email which performs better than the other, albeit in any degree, is perceived to have more desirous traits for the users. A/B Testing is a highly effective technique with positive benefits observed throughout various metrics used for email marketing.

9. Provide great onboarding experience

A great email onboarding experience leaves a profound impact on the brand perception and excites the users on the future emails they are going to receive from you. Onboarding emails are considered to be the most important part of the customer or user journey and usually has a high email engagement rate. Your onboarding experience of the rel=noopener tag will determine the future retention rate of all your emails thus it is absolutely essential to get this right. Onboarding emails can consist of just one email or a series of emails providing value to the users over time. You can also set the tone by providing the WOW moment if you can, and on what kind of emails your users are going to receive in the future.

10. Put proper “alt-tags” in place of images

This is a basic but important element is overlooked by a lot of email marketers. Most of the email service providers or the users opt out of loading the images in their emails. If you have not provided the alt-tags in its place, the emails tend to appear very ugly and messy. Providing a proper alt-tags for images can not only save the proper format of the emails but can also enhance the message and the value that the email is trying to provide.

11. Format your email effectively

EMail formatting is not given much thought by the email marketers, but it can profoundly impact user engagement and conversion. There are no definite guidelines for setting the email format, and email marketers can take artistic freedom while designing one. But it should be consistent with the brand design and the message you are trying to send through your emails. Most prefer plain text emails and usually, that is more than enough for the requirements, but providing visual representations can help in your emails stand out. But the key is in moderation, as providing too many visual stimuli in emails can hinder user experience leading to lower engagement rate.

12. Clean your subscriber list regularly

Usually, 22% of all the subscribers on your email list stop engaging with your emails every year. This leads to a reduction in user engagement and open rate metrics. Cleaning your email subscriber list or “email scrubbing” can significantly boost these stats and helps in distributing emails only to the customers who do want to engage with your emails. This may seem trivial, but it is very crucial in reducing the spam complaints and users selecting unsubscribe option, which may ultimately affect the deliverability issues of your email marketing campaign. This also helps in minimizing the costs of conducting the email marketing campaign if you have a large number of names in your mailing list. Email marketing is not a walk in the park, and succeeding in this field will require that you become familiar with a tool or two – as well as several trackable metrics. It might take some time, but this piece has offered a guide to those tools and metrics that warrant your time the most.