Why Web design?

Web design is everything about your website, its look, the user experience, content, and the way it works.

Today, getting business online is no longer optional, and making a strong online presence brings out great opportunities for your business. For any business, a well-designed website having an impressive user interface, incorporated with the right & consistent SEO implementations itself helps in accomplishing various marketing strategies to help a business grow & also witnesses much better conversion rate, leading to better business and revenue. So let’s look at the web design trends that were a fad in 2018 and is expected to cruise in 2019, below.


What are the web design trends for 2019?

1. Animations & movements:

Web designs have moved long back from static images to dynamic images and GIFs. But 2019 sees more use of integrated animations to engage users. Animations have shown the brand strength in the digital world. For example, animations on the hover of images/text, animations on the icons, use of animations while the page is loading or for storytelling. They can also be integrated to work with scrolling, navigation and more. Below are some examples of Animations in website that will be a web design trend in 2019.

Integrated animations web design 2019
Image src: Liferay


Slide animations_Web design
Image src: MITALENT

2. Vibrant colors & Bright Gradients:

In the past years, we have seen the developers worked with the web compliant colors, complementary colors. But 2018 witnesses the shift with the usage of super saturated and vibrant colors. Bright color gradients, clashing colors also has become the trend of web design and it is expected to continue in 2019. The technological advancement in the monitors & screens has also helped in reproducing richer colors.

Image src: Rocka Boost


Web design trends 2019: Vibrant Colors| Site Galleria
Image src: Adobe


3. Dynamic Gradients:

Over the last few years, flat design was a preferred web design trend, but gradients have made a big comeback in 2018 and will continue to trend.

Now, gradients are big, loud, vibrant and full of color with updated color palettes, and softer, subtler transitions. The recent incarnation of the gradient was the gradient filter over photos. Gradients on buttons also have added with functionality and beauty.


Web design trends 2019: Dynamic Gradients | Site Galleria
Image src: lewislopez


Image Src: Mixpanel


4. Shadowplays:

Shadows aren’t new to Web design. But the recent progress in the web browsers and the rise of augmented reality and better graphics displays have given exciting new variations. With the usage of grids and parallax layouts, web designers are playing with shadows to create depth illusions of the world beyond the screen. Giving extra depth, 3D look, deep & drop shadows, gradients to certain elements on the website makes them stand out.

Web design trends 2019 : Shadowplay | Site Galleria
Image Src: Algolia


Web design trends| Drop shadows
Img Src: dribble



5. Responsive design – Mobile first:

Responsive designs adapt seamlessly to different devices, giving the best user experience. Responsive sites have been in the web design for a long time. But not all responsive design sites are mobile friendly. In 2018, mobile friendly designs have become more important to web designers, as 2017 witnessed a drop in desktop browsing and increase in mobile browsing. Hence, responsive mobile friendly designs will continue to trend in 2019. 

Responsive web design trend
Img Src: REI


6. Innovative & Bold Typography:

Typography has always been a powerful weapon for creating the best visual experiences. It has the ability to create a personality, give aesthetic effects, evoke emotion, set the tone on a website, and also conveys important information. Since the device resolutions are getting sharper, it has increased the legibility to read, and this has opened the door for rising in the custom fonts.

Typography effects on text hover, Showcasing video through letters, text cutouts drawing user attention to video/ images were the trends in 2018 and is expected to trend in 2019 as well.

Web design trends 2019: Bold Typography| Site Galleria

Bold Typography web design trends


7. Geometric Grid layouts:

One of the challenges for web designers is the issues with the structure of their designs, its consistency and, organization. Grid layouts are one of the easiest ways to control the structure of a layout.

For Content having multiple categories that need to be represented, geometric grids and mason grids will remain a strong trend in 2019. Creating grids with rich imagery or animation are all great ways to take your content to new heights.

Web design trends| Geometric grid
Image Src: Pinterest


Web design trends: Geometric Grid layout
Image Src: Pinterest


8. Asymmetric layouts.

2018 witnessed an increase in the designs that rebelled against the constraints of responsive design, making an attempt to be more creative. Hence, it is expected that asymmetric layouts and broken grid layouts with subtle animations would trend in 2019. 2017, saw the conventional rules of the web design were getting broken left, right and center. But, these creative attempts should be taken with the caution, as to not affect the functionality of the website & its responsiveness. This doesn’t mean the designers should break the rules, it means that the designers should find the new ways of presenting the content, pushing the rules, but still sticking to the rules.

Web design trends 2019: Asymmetric layouts | Site Galleria
Image Src: data-data.net


Web design trends 2019: Broken grids
Image src: dribbble


9. Responsive logos.

Laying the logo to be fully visible, without taking much space on the screen has become the challenge of responsive web design and this begun the rise in responsive logos. Conveying a strong brand image that an icon can be immediately recognized and associated with the business is one of the elements of brand success. Designers and developers are experimenting with various ways to make designs adapt to the user’s device as adaptability is no more an option.

Web design trends 2019: Responsove logos | Site Galleria


How Design Trends Can Improve Your Business?

Redesigning your website with any of the above ideas can bring a new vibe to your website. The updated look increases brand trust, giving our audience confidence that we are relevant and are able to meet their needs.

Now that you know the web design trends for 2019, Are you unsure how it can be incorporated into your site? We, as a Web design & Development company, have a team of designers and digital marketing strategists who can help you with integrating beautiful design with smart, functional tools.

Connect with us and know how we can make your website that both you and your customers will love, in 2019 and ahead.

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